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Renewal Questions - If you have questions about requirements for renewal, Board rules, or incorrect information being displayed in the online renewal system, please contact:

Accountants - Dana Wilkerson (515) 725-9022

Appraisers - Jennifer Morrison (515) 725-9021

Architects - Jennifer Morrison (515) 725-9021

Landscape Architects - Jennifer Morrison (515) 725-9021

Real Estate - Dana Wilkerson (515) 725-9022

Engineers & Land Surveyors - Jennifer Morrison (515) 725-9021

Plumbers & Mechanical Systems Board - (866) 280-1521

Information about downloading an AIA transcript (Architects)
If your transcript is available from a web site:
  1. Go to the web site and view your transcript.
  2. Save the page to your desktop.
          If using Internet Explorer, go to File > Save As... then find a location on your hard drive that is easy to remember to save the file to.
  3. In your online renewal form (on LicensedInIowa.gov), under the Continuing Education section - Option 1, click the Browse button.
  4. Find the file you saved to your hard drive, highlight it, then click Open.
  5. Click the Add a Transcript button.
  6. The name of your file should be displayed along with a delete (red X) button. You can use this to delete the file if necessary.