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  • Use this search engine to find or verify physicians and acupuncturists who are licensed to practice in Iowa. Licensing details, including public disciplinary action or sanctions taken by the Iowa Board of Medicine against a license, will be displayed.

  • Enter the licensee's name in the fields below to search for their license information. If you do not know the correct spelling of the licensee's name, you can enter a portion of their name and then click search button, the system will give you a list of names that contain the portion of your input.

  • Consumers can also perform searches by selecting a specialty, location, license number or status. To search by license number users must enter a letter prefix followed by a hyphen before the number.

    • For MD licenses, enter MD-number
    • For DO licenses, enter DO-0 before the number (DO numbers must include a leading zero)
    • For Administrative licenses, enter AD-number
    • For Resident licenses, enter R- before the number (Resident license numbers with four digits must include a leading zero R-0)
    • For Special licenses, enter SP-0 before the number (Special license numbers must include a leading zero)
    • For Temporary licenses, enter T-number

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Additional Information Related to Physicians

Please note that a physician's specialty is self-reported. The board does not verify the physician's specialty. Consumers can learn if their physician is board certified by looking at two national databases(links below). There are no charges to use these sites, but users are required to register.

American Board of Medical Specialties
American Osteopathic Association

Additional Information Related to Acupuncturists

Consumers can also look up an acupuncturist's information at the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. There is no charge to use this site.

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Additional Site Information

The following links are to documents that explain more about this site and the search results.

IBM Site Disclaimer
Search Results Guide

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